Getting Down to Business

Yoga Journal Conference – Business of Yoga Workshop


Attending the Yoga Journal Conference has always been on my “to do list of yoga adventures.” The universe, all the cosmos, and ultimately my bank account worked together in getting me to this amazing event. Although there are scholarships available for some, and volunteer opportunities, I really wanted to be able just immerse myself in the experience. I could only afford one day, so I needed to really make it count for what I really needed.

All the classes in the brochure looked so juicy and were calling me. My focus lately has been on business, with the steps I need to take to grow, which made it a louder calling. The second day of the Business of Yoga track seemed more like what I needed -on paper. Building community, digital marketing, chat about money, streams of revenue, and creation of yoga retreats were on the agenda.


Being at the Yoga Journal Conference was, in itself, an experience. The highlight was Dana Trixie Flynn of Laughing Lotus. Bright, filled with joy, and completely accessible she was – I fell instantly in whimsical adoration. Plus how could one not adore someone who starts her chat on “Building Community” by sprinkling us with glitter? It really was more like a chat than a lecture, which made it more interesting over being talked at. Out of all the talks, I took so much inspiration from her in how to move forward in my business and in my yoga practice. I think my favorite take away from Dana was her story of “owning the road” and a reminder to “do you!”

Dan Wilf, of Yoga Anonymous, walked a fine line between the “sell” and the information given. He was a strong at marketing and it was his passion. His “sell” wasn’t hard, (he only mentioned his drink product and website a few dozen times), but more natural in nature. Plus he gave out freebies, and who doesn’t love freebies? He showed exactly what he was telling us to do, “hustle, hustle, hustle and then give it space.” He stayed on topic of the digital marketing and branding. The wheels were turning in my head already, then, figuring out how to apply his information for when I got home for this blog and my facebook.

Sadly, most of the lectures in the track fell flat or were presenting a hard sell. Unfortunately, some of my fellow business track peeps and I felt like this. We paid over $200 to be sold on the products people were pushing – not cool. I paid to learn how to do these things for myself, not to pay someone else to do them for me. At one point, during the second part of the day, I stopped taking notes, because there was no applicable information anymore outside of the sell.


Overall, the Yoga Journal Conference was an interesting experience. During lunch break the Marketplace opened with a ton of things to purchase I do hope that the universe, the cosmos, and my bank account conspire with me again, because I would love to attend the January 2014 San Francisco event. I’ll just opt to stay away from the business track, and just focus being taught yoga goodness by some lovely teachers the conference would have offer – the bonus would be that I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco.

P.S. A BIG thanks to my lovely friend Annie who used her photoshop super powers for this post. I am filled with gratitude for your help.

GoodBye 2012

Surrender to What Is

Surrender to What Is

2012 could be labeled as my own “annus horribilis,” if i didn’t see the bigger picture. My yoga teaching, dwindled from a pretty decent 13 classes in 2012 to only 3 at the start of 2013. Four of the six places i was on the roster at closed over the course of a year and one just didn’t have enough people to support a yoga class.

All i wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and mourn. I was going to miss the people and community i had helped create over the last five years at these fitness centers. How was i going to pay my bills? What was i going to do? The main question in my head was, “am i supposed to be a yoga teacher anymore?”

When the last place closed a few weeks ago, it broke my heart. It was a place that felt like home to so many. It was a point when i really questioned if i was suppose to give up and find something more stable. When i heard the news,i promised myself that i would mourn for a day, then i would make a list the next day, and that friday would go into action. The universe had other plans for me and i surrendered to them.

I didn’t have time to mourn. My phone rung, my email and facebook messages blew up with friends/tribe members offering leads to continue both my yoga teaching and my massage business. I started to think more out of the box with creating opportunity with some of the offers i was receiving.

My yoga peeps believed in me. My inbox was flooded with questions asking me where they can take my classes because they missed them. I was offered a chance to sub at a yoga studio, and an audition at another yoga studio, both due to people talking about my classes to the owners without me knowing.

Ultimately, i started to believe in myself and my teaching. i started to believe in just surrendering to the path the universe has sent me on. My schedule right now is scattered with a few subbing jobs in addition to my regular schedule at one of the gyms that remained open. All i can do is have faith and see where i am lead.

I could label 2012 as my “annus horribilis,” but i won’t. It was a year that pushed me out of my comfort zone, a year that helped me fall back in love with teaching yoga, and a year that reminded me life is about experiences.

I have a strong feeling that this upcoming year will really be filled with amazing adventures.

…bring it.

Thanks for Giving.

Taken by Korri Wass of

“We all collapse a little; May it be toward each other.”

– Richard Kenney

Without my tribe rooting me on, picking me up and reminding me of my amazingness, this year would have ended with me still sleepwalking through life.  For the most part of the year I just wanted to hibernate and hide under the covers. I was really just getting by. With Thanksgiving upon us, the one thing I am most thankful for is my tribe.

Everyone should have a tribe. They are the people who may not know everything about you, and they are okay with that. They are the people who will pull you up when you feel like you are drowning; because they want nothing more but to see you succeed. They are people who gift you their talents and insights, not looking for anything in return.

This year my tribe wouldn’t let my passion die off, and pushed reminders in my wayward path.  Some assisted in creating solutions, to make finding my way back a little easier. These are people who believed in me and my talents, when I was questioning everything within myself. They refused to let me not be my best, but gave me space when I needed so I can come back stronger. When I felt off balanced, they propped me up.

It isn’t just a one way street. You give just as much as you are given. Sometimes you don’t even know you are giving as much as you do. You deeply want nothing more but the best for those around you. Although members may change as people do come and go for reasons, they come into your life with nothing but positive intentions. Honestly, that is truly the essence of a tribe – wanting the best and success for not just themselves but also seeing the light within someone else.

This Thanksgiving, I dedicate heartfelt gratitude to my tribe. You have helped me more than I can say thank you:

I hold gratitude for being heard.

I hold gratitude for the numerous amounts of tea time chats.

I hold gratitude for the inspiration you helped spark.

I hold gratitude for the gifts you shared to make me better.

I hold gratitude for road trips, artist and photography dates throughout the year.

I hold gratitude for giving me space.

I hold gratitude for just being there.

I honor each of you, as you have honored me.

Thank you.