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Yoga may be my first love, but completing massage school was my first step into the wellness industry. After years of working in retail, my first rule of business is to make being in my classes and on my massage table an exceptional experience.  Working in various lotion and potion shops I really took note of the ingredients and how they worked with the skin.   In my massage practice I’m always looking for the best oils and creams to use on the body.

One new find which I’ve fallen madly for is Weleda’s Arnica Massage Oil. Arnica is a plant extract used for its anti-inflammatory properties for strains, sprains and bruises. Many athletes use it to help ease the muscles aches after a good workout. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnica

  I’ve tried different products (creams, oils, and lotions) that include arnica in it, and nothing made me go “wow.”  Either the product was too tacky, too drying, had too many chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce, or the smell was atrocious.

In Target, of all places, this gem was available; no special order from my spa/massage catalogs. I purchased a few trail sizes and used it for myself.  I liked it. Went back purchased more, and used it in on my clients giving them the sample to take home and try it. They enjoyed it too. Since I do work with a few athletes, weekend warriors, lots of yogis, and those who just have normal aches, I’m finding this to be a nice help in relaxing the muscles.

Why do I like Weleda’s Arnica Oil?

  1. I can purchase it locally.
  2. The fragrance listed in the ingredients are essential oils and not synthetic.  It smells good.
  3. Sunflower oil and Olive oil are amazing for the skin.
  4. Weleda has expiration date on the bottle (because oils do go rancid!)
  5. Have a question about an ingredient? They have an encyclopedia explaining what it is and where it comes from. http://usa.weleda.com
  6. Using it myself for aches and delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout or teaching three to four classes a day with sciatic/hip issues, it’s nice not to wake up feeling rickety.
  7. From my readings about the company, they really work hard on being natural and enviromentally friendly. I would love to check out their spa in NY soon.

No, I don’t get kick backs or am I paid for this product. I purchased it for my practice out of my own pocket.  

Now the give way… To share the love, one person has a chance to win three sample size Weleda products: 0.34fl oz Arnica Massage Oil, 0.34fl oz Skin Food lotion, and 0.7oz Skin Buckhorn Creamy Body Wash.

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