Many times I am asked about the music  in my yoga classes.  Music sets the tone of the class,. Although while in the middle of your yoga practice, it can just disappear into the background, it still there supporting you when you need to sink back into it.  I search and carefully pick out the music to be played in classes because music has such an effect on the soul. The music tends to be a very eclectic mix of world music (African, Indian, Korean, Irish, Spanish, Australian, etc), contemporary, traditional, chants, top 40, drumming and new age.

I’ll be listing the music in the main section, but if you want a quick reference check this page from each week.  It will change.

While this whole blog is in the process of being built and structured, here are some of my most played and loved:

Soft/Easy Going:

Bali Dua by Jalan Jalan

  • Kaja
  • Sekar
  • Step
  • Wari
  • Hug With The Wind
  • Bulan
  • Barong Forest
  • Horizon

Half & Half:

  • Ma Mruthyunjaya (Healing Mantra) – Sistashree
  • Third Eye – Glen Velez
  • Mamavatu – Susheela Raman
  • The Voice of India – iSweat Fitness Music
  • saraswati – sistashree
  • Origins – Glen Velez
  • Earth – Big Fish Media
  • Conga Jog – Al Gromer Khan
  • Purple Mists of Evening -Mediations: Native American Flutes
  • Wandering – Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai

Updated November 26th, 2009

3 thoughts on “Music

  1. hey Michelle!

    Love the site.

    Oh and I started posting on the music page because Krishna Das will be doing a Kirtan in Northhampton MA on September 11th. I’m planning on driving down with at least one friend, and I’d love you to come if you’re interested….

    AND I’ve added you to my blogroll at yay!

    • i was checking out your site! i love yours too. thank you for adding me, i’ve returned the favor (besides you know how much i love food!). you may have to share some yumminess over here for all to see! sept 11th….mmmmmmmmmmm i may have to clear my schedule for this. it’s been ages since i’ve been to Northhampton.

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