GoodBye 2012

Surrender to What Is

Surrender to What Is

2012 could be labeled as my own “annus horribilis,” if i didn’t see the bigger picture. My yoga teaching, dwindled from a pretty decent 13 classes in 2012 to only 3 at the start of 2013. Four of the six places i was on the roster at closed over the course of a year and one just didn’t have enough people to support a yoga class.

All i wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and mourn. I was going to miss the people and community i had helped create over the last five years at these fitness centers. How was i going to pay my bills? What was i going to do? The main question in my head was, “am i supposed to be a yoga teacher anymore?”

When the last place closed a few weeks ago, it broke my heart. It was a place that felt like home to so many. It was a point when i really questioned if i was suppose to give up and find something more stable. When i heard the news,i promised myself that i would mourn for a day, then i would make a list the next day, and that friday would go into action. The universe had other plans for me and i surrendered to them.

I didn’t have time to mourn. My phone rung, my email and facebook messages blew up with friends/tribe members offering leads to continue both my yoga teaching and my massage business. I started to think more out of the box with creating opportunity with some of the offers i was receiving.

My yoga peeps believed in me. My inbox was flooded with questions asking me where they can take my classes because they missed them. I was offered a chance to sub at a yoga studio, and an audition at another yoga studio, both due to people talking about my classes to the owners without me knowing.

Ultimately, i started to believe in myself and my teaching. i started to believe in just surrendering to the path the universe has sent me on. My schedule right now is scattered with a few subbing jobs in addition to my regular schedule at one of the gyms that remained open. All i can do is have faith and see where i am lead.

I could label 2012 as my “annus horribilis,” but i won’t. It was a year that pushed me out of my comfort zone, a year that helped me fall back in love with teaching yoga, and a year that reminded me life is about experiences.

I have a strong feeling that this upcoming year will really be filled with amazing adventures.

…bring it.

Thank You Hamden

By happenstance in 2006 i asked for an application in the Stratford Ballys.  Teaching yoga there didn’t cross my mind, i was just hoping for a front desk job or something. My priority was to just go to the gym and workout, but a little voice in my head said fill out an application. I didn’t think anything of it until i got a call from Karin (then the group ex director in Stratford) asking if i was interested in subbing for yoga. Sure! i auditioned, got the job and again didn’t think much of it. Until i got a call from the lovely Amanda in Hamden who needed to fill three yoga classes. It was a bit of a drive, but here was the universe giving me the opportunity.

Labor Day weekend  i started teaching in Hamden.  My life changed. Hamden introduced me to the most incredible people i’ve meet along this journey. Even with my nervousness of teaching my very first adult yoga class, they welcomed me with open arms. I had a huge space to fill with the absence of their beloved teacher Deborah, so i did my best.

In return, i’ve gotten to know some of the most warm, friendly…just an amazing group of people who embody the yogic principles. I thank each and everyone who i’ve taught in Hamden because you have given me a chance bring you into my heart and  to do what i love. We have experienced the goodbyes to Lucille and the welcoming of a few babies into our yoga community together.

While walking into the Hamden Bally’s i was just as shell shocked, although it wasn’t a full surprise. I learned about Hamden Bally’s not renewing it’s lease and closing June 26th. Classes will continue until June 21st.  My last class at Hamden will be Wednesday June 17th at 8:30am. Kate will be teaching the last Sunday class on June 21st.

If there are any spaces (community centers, church basements, etc) that you know of to maybe hold classes, please let me know. I would love to continue our little yoga community if we have enough people to support it.

Kate has lined up a place to teach in the New Haven area, and i will pass that information on as soon as she sends it to me.

Don’t forget that there is Amanda and Sally’s place Workout On Wooster.

With all my heart, i want to say thank you for joining me in class. I hope you keep in touch.

Live. Love. Laugh.